Specialty Ejectors & Eductors

100 years of Engineering Excellence

Croll Reynolds products were originally developed for energy-efficient reclamation of waste steam. Over the last century, we’ve employed this engineering expertise to refine and expand the capacities of our equipment line. This includes experimenting with methods to remove toxic compounds from process streams or introduce process alternatives that can eliminate a system’s reliance on refrigerants or environmentally unsafe, corrosive fluids.   

Our engineers traditionally work hand-in-hand with customers to pioneer custom designs for high-energy distillation, evaporation, and other chemical process applications. Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to our science has earned us a reputation in our field for “scrubbing gases others won’t touch.” Much of our research is specific to mitigating the environmental impact of large-scale process activities; because of this, we’ve not only had the honor of being the partner-of-choice for businesses that are making new sustainability commitments, we’ve had the privilege of working with companies that can actualize the most significant contributions in this area.   

Our diverse experience across industries finds representation in our project portfolio of over 75,000 unique ejector systems. We are proud to say that Croll Reynolds vacuums for the Apollo program helped make human spaceflight a reality. We work with entrepreneurs from all walks of life and foster lasting relationships born from the kind of mutual success that comes with exceeding all expectations.