No steam? No problem. Solutions designed for alternative motive fluids.


Liquid-powered ejectors are commonly called “eductors” and can be used for a variety of applications. They an also be used to convey particulate matter (e.g. activated carbon particles). Eductor are also frequently used as sump or bilge pumps, especially shipboard. As material conveyors, Eductors are frequently outfitted with a conical hopper on the suction, sometimes with wash down nozzles, to allow the particulates to be efficiently drawn into the suction connection.



Eductors commonly have four component parts, a nozzle holder, a nozzle, a mixing chamber, and a diffuser. Like ejectors they are maintenance-free and can be constructed from a wide variety of steel, alloy, and composite materials. Croll Reynolds offers two specialty eductor products, Aqua-vactors and Aqua-ductors.

Aqua-ductors are designed to use a motive fluid, typically pressurized water, to draw vacuum and instantly entrain other liquids or semi-solids. In addition to boosting the pressure of the suction stream they provide excellent turbulent mixing between the motive and suction streams. For this reason, they are frequently used for mixing two components such as soda ash and water, forming a slurry of any required weight percent soda ash. Aquaductors are ideal for automatic pumping on sumps or for spill cleanup. They can easily handle particulate laden liquid streams that would destroy the internals of a standard pump.

Aqua-vactors perform in a similar function but operate on a process gas or vapor instead of process liquid. The motive fluid the Aqua-vactor entrains a gaseous stream simultaneously pumping and condensing it. The Aqua-vactor is particularly useful in cases where small non-condensable loads are involved or when high-pressure (40 psig or greater) steam is unavailable.   The gas or vapor being ventilated through the body of this educator is condensed by parallel flow and can be designed for discharge into atmosphere. Aquavactors can be adapted for a wide variety of configurations (installed vertically, horizontally, etc.) and can be used in conjunction with a barometric discharge leg to manage larger vapor loads. are an idea eductor for dredging pumps.

  • Chemical –product distillation, drying, flash cooling and more
  • Power Plants – removal of non-condensable gas for turbine efficiency 
  • Oil and Gas – refinery processes, product distillation and more
  • Pulp and Paper – product crystallization, evaporation and more