Croll Reynolds Thermocompressors are designed to recycle heat energy by capturing and recompressing waste steam for use elsewhere.

Thermocompressors, like ejectors, have no moving parts. The mechanical design consists of a steam chest, nozzle holder, nozzles, and diffuser.

The thermocompressor uses high pressure steam, as a motive fluid, which enters the steam chest and expands through the nozzle.

The high-velocity steam then entrains the waste steam, into a mixing chamber where the fluids are combined.

The mixed fluids are then recompressed to an immediate pressure through the diffuser, which acts as a nozzle in reverse, reconverting velocity energy to pressure energy.

Thermocompressors are designed for applications in the food, petroleum, chemical, power, and paper industries. Thermal recompression is typically applied in the dairy and juice industries to recapture and reuse steam from evaporators during the concentration process.

All Croll Reynolds thermocompressors are custom designed and performance tested to meet our client’s exacting specifications.

To learn more about Croll Reynolds thermocompressor heat recovery systems, and to discuss your specific process or application, contact the Croll Reynolds vacuum engineer in your area or call our US offices to speak with our design engineers.

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