Liquid and Gas-Powered Ejectors:
For Heating and Mixing Applications


Croll Reynolds Gas and Water Operated Ejectors

Croll Reynolds custom designs and manufactures specialty ejectors which are versatile in handling a wide variety of liquids and slurries using liquids and steam as motive fluids. The applications for specialty ejectors include heating, mixing pumping, priming, metering, circulating, agitating, conveying and scrubbing.

Ejectors which use a liquid as a motive are commonly called “eductors” and use the motive energy of pressurized liquid to entrain another liquid or slurry. Liquid operated eductors are employed as mixers, circulators, syphons and scrubbers. Specialty ejectors which use steam as a motive “jet heaters ” are used to heat fluid in pipelines and tanks.

Croll Reynolds specialty ejectors are an economical means of mixing, heating and circulating a wide variety of liquids. They offer the added advantages of low first cost, ease of installation, minimal maintenance and can be fabricated in alloys and composites to resist corrosion.

Mechanical design: Specialty ejectors, like steam ejectors, commonly have four component parts, a nozzle holder, a nozzle, a mixing chamber and a diffuser. Like ejectors they are vi maintenance free and can be constructed from a wide variety of steel, alloy and composite materials.

Jet Heaters: When steam comes into direct contact with a liquid the heat value of the steam is fully dissipated within the liquid. Croll Reynolds heaters are an economical and efficient means of heating a liquid stream.

Croll Reynolds Jet Heaters are available in two designs: Pipeline Heaters which are designed to be installed directly into pipe lines and In-Tank Heaters which both heat and agitate fluids.

Jet Mixers: Croll Reynolds Jet Mixers are liquid to liquid ejectors wherein a motive liquid is used to entrain another liquid to mix and agitate both streams. Jet mixers are designed to replace expensive mechanical mixers and agitators.

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