Quality Standards


Croll Reynolds worldwide manufacturing operations adhere to international codes and standards and are ISO qualified to insure that our quality control remains constant throughout the supply chain.

The Company has implemented quality control systems to assure the quality of the products and services we offer our clients. The Company is certified to ISO 9001 and adheres to recognized USA, European and Chinese industry standards. Croll Reynolds will provide the company’s quality control system manual upon request.

Croll Reynolds controls the selection, evaluation and inspection of outsourced materials and equipment to insure compliance with our customers specified requirements.

The Company maintains records of all required inspections and tests performed on equipment and/or materials within the Company’s scope of work.

The Company provides certification that all materials and equipment supplied will conform to the requirements specified by our customers. Controls are in place to ensure that design, fabrication, installation and erection is controlled and executed in a timely manner.

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