products_standardspareparts_article7The Croll Reynolds “Piccolo” is a device, which provides a simple and accurate method of measuring vacuum system performance and capacity. The Piccolo is a closed-end pipe with nine capped critical orifices. Flow rates through these orifices range from 0.5#/hr to 128#/hr of air each being twice the flow of the preceding orifice. A total flow rate of 255.5 #/hr can be realized with all orifices open. Load variations are achieved by the selection of an orifice or combination of orifices.

The Piccolo enables the user to check a specific design capacity or determine vacuum levels at several different loadings. It is particularly useful in trouble shooting vacuum systems because of its compact size and ease of installation.

The unit is installed in the inlet vacuum header, with an isolation valve between it and the vacuum source.

The actual performance of a system may be determined by opening successive orifices until the original system pressure, under process conditions, is reproduced. This will determine the flow rate (#hr) of air being handled by the system. This is especially useful when trouble shooting or modifying a vacuum system.

The flow rate through the Piccolo orifices remains constant for critical flow conditions. (I.e. where the down steam pressure, or vacuum side, is less than 15 Hg). For sub-critical flow conditions, the flow rates are less than indicated. The loads given are correct for standard conditions, 70o F air temperature and 29.92″ Hg abs barometric pressure. Should conditions vary the following correction is to be made.

Corrected Air Flow #/Hr=Orifice Capacity x Act.Baro. Press. x [(530/(460+ambient temp)]^0.5

The only additional equipment required is an absolute pressure gauge, either a U-tube or dial type, to record the system vacuum.

Overall length 10 7/8
Connection size 1
Weight 4.5 lbs
Air Flow Rates .5,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128

The Croll Reynolds Piccolo is designed and manufactured per the Heat Exchange Institute standards.