products_standardspareparts_article6The calorimeter was developed by Croll Reynolds engineers to aid customers in determining the moisture content of motive steam required to operate CR high vacuum ejector systems. Today, the calorimeter is used by plant engineering personnel in a wide variety of industries where the moisture content of steam is critical to plant operation

Operation: A small portion of the steam to be sampled enters the calorimeter body through a sampling tube which is installed directly in the steam header. The steam sample passes through the sampling tube, is throttled through an orifice at constant enthalpy and then passes into an expansion chamber. The operator knowing both the header steam pressure and temperature, then refers to the Moisture Table supplied with each unit and plots moisture content. Sampled steam then passes through the calorimeter discharge port to atmosphere.

Installation: The calorimeter is light weight and can be installed on any size header by simply tapping the header and inserting the sampling tube, and can be permanently installed for continuous use. The calorimeter body is then connected to the sampling tube and the globe valve turned to the open position. After the moisture reading has been taken, the calorimeter body can be disconnected from the sampling tube and reinstalled on headers elsewhere.

Construction: The steam calorimeter weighs 3 lbs, and is manufactured entirely from 304 stainless steel. The thermometer supplied with each unit is steel armored. Three sampling tubes of different lengths are supplied with each unit for installation on headers 2 in. in diameter and larger.