Power Plant Vacuum Systems: Improving Turbine Efficiencies for Geothermal, Coal-Fired and Gas-Fired Power Plants

Power Plant Vacuum Systems

Croll Reynolds steam ejector and hybrid ejector-liquid ring vacuum systems find application in coal, gas and oil fired power plants as well as in nuclear and geothermal power installations.

The efficiency of steam turbines in a power plant directly correlates to the pressure of the steam that exits the turbine. A shell and tube condenser is typically installed to capture and condense steam exiting the turbine. Croll Reynolds vacuum systems installed at the condenser outlet efficiently remove non-condensable vapors and the associated water vapor from the turbine condenser and accordingly lowers the operating pressure of the condenser which increases the amount of heat available for conversion to mechanical power.

Croll Reynolds power vacuum plant systems are operating worldwide. Currently the company is involved in the design and installation of specialized vacuum systems for the global geothermal power industry with a focus on Indonesia.

The typical ejector vacuum system designed power applications is a two-stage, twin element unit having duplicate ejectors for each stage; one element running and one element on standby . An additional, “hogger,” start-up ejector is normally provided to evacuate the condenser prior to turning on the primary two stage system.

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