library_technicalarticles_13_pic1With the current world-wide focus on environmental concerns, steam/water ejector systems are generating renewed interest in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Many plants utilize vacuum systems with surface or direct contact condensers in processes where low temperature boiling is essential to maintain the integrity of those pharmaceuticals being processed. Jet ejector or combination ejector liquid ring systems are preferred in these processes. Recently however, the trend has been to replace the final stage of these systems with a water motivated ejector. The water in the final stage serves as a condensing as well as a vacuum-producing medium obviating the need for one or more interstage condensers and thus, reducing capital costs.

A steam/water ejector system is a closed loop installation with full recirculation. Operating expenses drop as the volume of wastewater generated is reduced and the costs associated with intercondenser fouling and scaling are eliminated.

With the elimination of a high-rise barometric leg, low level installation is an option. This expands siting alternatives and lowers those costs associated with long piping legs and increased pressure drop.

Croll Reynolds designs steam/water ejector systems for both pharmaceutical and chemical reactors. Contact a Croll Reynolds engineer to discuss your application.