Steam-Jet Vacuum Equipment for Production Plants in the Edible Oils Industry

Case study: The efficient recovery of fatty acids and oils entrained in the deodorizing steam has the economic advantages of minimizing product loss and pollution in condenser water.

This can be achieved by means of a Croll-Reynolds Scrub-Vactor, a combination of a jet-venturi fume scrubber and parallel flow condenser, which uses the product itself as the scrubbing medium.

A pilot unit allows to establish flow rates, pressure, vacuum, temperature, load, type of mist eliminator and other factors that would operate most efficiently on a plant production scale.

From the test logs and observations, production plant design and operating parameters can be established and the efficiency of the pilot tests can be rolled out in full scale plant production.

Results also show that a Scrub-Vactor recovery unit can be placed in line in a continuous process equipment scheme without interrupting the functioning of the other chemical processing equipment as there is a minimal loss of pressure in this set-up.

Analysis and calculation of the test data results prove that the test data are practical as criteria for full scale equipment selection and operation. Also, use of the pilot unit assures an exceptionally high percentage of waterfree product recovery and low contaminant condenser water.

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Illustration: Equipment Assembly