Croll Reynolds Thermocompressors are an alternative and more efficient method of reusing spent steam for greater efficiency in the evaporation phase in many of the process industries.

Recompression of spent process steam in evaporators allows for the efficient conservation of effort to conserve energy. During the process of thermocompression, a portion of the steam discharged from an evaporator effect is captured and compressed to a higher pressure and temperature for re-use. This is accomplished by a thermocompressor which entrains and compresses low-pressure spent steam for reuse at a higher pressure in the initial effect of a multiple-effect evaporator. A thermocompressor is similar to, and operates on, the same principle as a steam jet ejector used for producing a vacuum.

Diary food processors, for example, increasingly install thermocompressors on new evaporator systems and are also  retrofitting existing systems with these simple devices that recompress and recycle steam.

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