Vacuum_degassingEjector technology maintains its essential place in the process of steel mill vacuum, degassing. At this steel producer, an upgrade of the vacuum-producing ejector systems exceeded the original equipment for performance and steam economy.

At National Forge Company, Irvine, PA,a totally integrated manufacturing facility, vacuum degassing through upgraded vacuum-producer systems resulted in increased equipment performance and steam economy.

The mill’s capabilities cover the full scope, from raw materials to finished product. Tasks include melting, forging, heat treating, machining, and extensive quality assurance, for customers all over the world.

National Forge Company produces engine and compressor crankshafts, generator shafts, turbine rotors, pipe molds for centrifugal casting, and other precision components.

The upgraded system brought restoration or improvement of originally specified vacuum capability, improving the performance of the vacuum degassed. It also the degasser cycle was sped up, reducing heat loss from the molten steel being treated. The higher efficiency has improved plant energy balance and reduced operating costs for the company.

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