Croll Reynolds desuperheater at the Achema Trade Show, 15-19 June 2015

Desuperheaters are used to control and reduce the temperature of superheated steam (or gas). Croll-Reynolds offers a range of direct contact, high efficiency evaporating styles.

Steam is desuperheated by bringing it into contact with water and causing the water to evaporate. All Croll Reynolds desuperheaters inject the cooling water as a fine spray to maximize the surface area for optimum evaporation. This highly turbulent area speeds the heat transfer between the steam and the water. The turbulence is caused either by the action of the spray or the venturi contour of the desuperheater internals.

The line of desuperheaters includes units to cover all applications, pipe sizes and pressure

The actual desuperheater is  just one component in a complex system.

Croll Reynolds can provide just the desuperheater or a full desuperheating system.

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